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Explore Pioneer rDrive by LoJack (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)


Pioneer rDrive by LoJack
Buy 1, Get 1 FREE
rDrive by Pioneer
rDrive makes your car a connected car. Improve peace of mind, protect your ride, and monitor teens & senior drivers.
Your Car...with New Car Features!
Vehicle Tracking
• Vehicle Location Tracking
• Multi-Vehicle Tracking
• Trip History (Miles Drive, Mapped Route)
• Mileage Tagging and Reporting for Business
LoJack Services
LoJack Services
• Tripwire Early Warning, Theft Notification
• 24/7 LoJack Live Agent Support
• Collision-Triggered Automatic Live Agent Call Attempt
• Emergency Services Dispatch Request and Location Assist
LoJack Services
Driver/Car Monitor
• Virtual Boundaries, Arrival and Departure Notifications
• Speed Alert Notifications
• Car Health Alerts
• CrashBoxx Instant Notifications with collision details including location and crash severity
Limited Time Offer